Welcome to Färna Manor & Spa

A unique countryside hotel and spa in the heart of Sweden.

Experience the contrast between the mansions parlors and the wild nature of Bergslagen. Enjoy the food grown and produced by our local farmers and our own gardens. Immerse yourself in a hot bath under the bare sky after a mushroom-picking excursion in the forest. Regardless of whether you are here for business or with friends, we are honoured to share our "Pearl of Bergslagen" with you.

We wish you a warm welcome to us at Färna!


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Welcome home to us in Bergslagen.

Here at Färna Manor guests have come and gone over the centuries. Everything from hopeful blacksmiths and miners to royalty, counts and barons.
Today, you are our guest.

When we first got to know Färna for more than twenty years ago, we said, "this place must be shared!" The manor just stood in the forests of Bergslagen ... a secret to the outside world. 

I have learned to love the magical forest where moss is like a lush bed ... .try to lay down in the green moss and look up at the sky between the treetops. For us, food is important, not only as nourishment but also as a treat for both the eye and the palate. It is a special feeling when you know where the products comes from, our own kitchen garden and farmers close by. In the hands of our headchef, Inga-Lena Eriksson and her kitchen team the products are transformed into delicious dishes ...... That is true luxury.

My husband sometimes says that he has to pinch himself because how lucky we are to be living here. So let us take care of you and let yourself be seduced by this special place, as we ourselves were.

Welcome to us in the heart of Bergslagen,

Wenche and Gerald