July 1-August 11

Hotel: Mon-Sunday
Reception: Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm, Sunday: 8am-2pm
Booking: Mon-Saturday 8am-5pm
Check in: From 3pm
Check out: Mon-Saturday until 11 am, Sunday until 12 pm noon

The restaurant

 Tues-Sunday 8am-10am
Lunch: Monday-Friday 11.30 am-2 pm (Pre booking)
Swedish "fika": Mon-Thursday 3 pm-5 pm
Afternoon tea Friday: 3pm-5pm (Pre booking)
Afternoon tea Saturday: 12.30pm-4pm (Pre booking)
Dinner: Monday-Saturday from 6.30 pm (Pre booking)

Färna Spa- Pool & Relax
Monday: 1pm-7pm
Tuesday-Wednesday: 9am-7pm
Thursday-Saturday: 9am-8pm,
Saturdays from. 1pm open only for our accommodation guests.
Sunday: 9am-3pm

Monday: from 1pm, Tues-Friday from 6.15 am and Sat-Sunday from 7am.

Färna Herrgårdsbod (shopping)

Tues-Saturday 11am-5pm and Sunday 11am-4pm

Make a reservation by bokning@farnaherrgard.se or +46 222-281 90. 
Lunch and afternoon tea are bokable online.