Creating, experiencing and challenging each other is an important part of a successful meeting.

Doing something completely different from everyday life can be the way to new inspiration and create community in the workplace. We have a wide range of fun and challenging activities to get together the workgroup. Here you will find some examples of what we can offer.

Wine and Champagne tasting

Food & beverage has always been used as icebreakers and joint welding activity.

After work

A nice and relaxing spa experience after the meeting.

Wolf adventure

What do you know about the wolf? Join a different adventure and learn more about the wolf. Do you want to hear the wolf howl?

Wildlife tour by boat

The surroundings around Färna Herrgård offer a fantastic scenery with a wide variety of animals and nature. Have you seen a beaver close by in its natural environment and perhaps amazed at their engineering?


Go jogging, swimming or biking There are all possibilities for movement in our surroundings.