Spa suite

In our Spa suite there is Jacuzzi, Steam sauna, Relax, hot stone slab and shower with products from c/o GERD. The package includes our berry drink and candlelight and you have the suite all to yourselves.

Spa suite 50 min for two
With private access to Jacuzzi, Steam sauna, Relax, fruit drink and do-it-yourself-scrub.
Price: Tuesday-Friday 650 SEK | Saturday-Sunday 750 SEK
Extra person 300 SEK

Tips for the spa suite!
Bits & pieces from our local farmers, 175 SEK|person 
Including: Air dried ham from Nibble Gårdsgris, Salami frlom Gröna Hagars kött, cheese from local farmers,
Pickled vegetables of the season, sour dough bread baked with flour from Stora Hällsta gård and KRAV-marked rapseed oil from Väsby Gård.

Beer, wine and cider can be bought at Färna Spa

Book minimum one day in advance.

Have you already booked accommodation and wish to complete a spa treatment? Enter your booking number under "Messages" in the form or in an email, and we´ll be able to help you faster.


Included in our Spa suite

  • Private access to our spa suite for 50 minutes
  • Our berry drink (black currant or rhubarb)
  • Do-it-yourself-scrub